suitcase badges from Roslyn Hall Children's Home, Murray Dwyer Boys Orphanage, Protestant Homes Booklet from Burwood Boys' Home – 'Valuable Household Hints' ceramic elephant with broken trunk canvas shoes badges from Morialta Homes baby doll dressed in white wool


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From Lost Innocents:

…to this day, the only paper I have regarding my childhood history is a photocopy of the ships logbook documenting my name, age, religion and an identification No. which I must add my name and religion had been changed as I found out later when I found my family. This only reason I knew where I originally came from was because I remembered, not because anyone in authority told me.

From Forgotten Australians:

It is something that has never left me – how and why these places were allowed to run the way they were is impossible for me to comprehend – it made no sense. A place to de-humanise children? It worked.